What began as a local pastor's wife's response to the despair and hopelessness of unplanned teen pregnancies has now become a place of hope and encouragement, the Smoky Mountain Pregnancy Care Center.  We have grown from an office hidden away on a back street in Franklin to a lovely office on Palmer Street, easy to find by everyone in the community.
In the beginning office hours were two days a week - 4 hours each day and it soon became evident that a full time director was needed with expanded office hours. As a result, BJ Hamilton was hired as our Executive Director and we have seen God’s plan for this ministry unfold under her direction. With BJ’s outstanding leadership these exciting changes to the ministry have taken place:
  • A new location in Franklin with great visibility in the community
  • More office hours with additional trained staff
  • More volunteers including weekly prayer partners and a new men's ministry
  • A satellite office in Cullowhee within walking distance of the WCU campus
  • And most importantly, conversion to a Medical Clinic offering ultrasound services along with pregnancy testing at both locations
The conversion from a resource center to a medical clinic in 2004 has expanded our impact and brought many more abortion vulnerable men and women through our doors.  
Christina Sapp followed God’s call to serve as our nurse manager and her sensitivity to the concerns of the client have helped many of them choose life!  Through generous donations to the ultrasound project, we purchased an ultrasound machine and began to offer clients the opportunity to see the tiny life growing within the mother and to see the heart beating. 
The addition of the office in Cullowhee came as a response to the fact that the highest number of abortions occur in women from age 18-24, not only the teens as we often think of.  We invited some students from Western Carolina University to give us insight into what they saw on the campus concerning pregnancy issues. One precious young woman told of a girl in her dorm who had a positive pregnancy test and went to Charlotte the next day for an abortion. We realized that if an impact for choosing life was going to be made in these young peoples’ lives we would need to be in close proximity to the Western Carolina University campus and we would need to have ultrasounds available on site, which we are now able to offer because of the service of our caring staff AND generous donations towards the second ultrasound project. 
Another great blessing is the positive relationship that has been established with the WCU Health Services and Women’s Clinic.  After meeting with some of our staff, the Women’s Clinic expressed their lack of time for follow up with girls who had positive pregnancy tests and they chose to refer girls to our Medical Clinics to receive necessary information when facing an unplanned pregnancy.  The very girls we were trying to reach were being encouraged to come see us!  We are so grateful to have additional trained staff at this second location along with Medical Director, Dr. David Ramsey overseeing both centers, so we can continue saving babies and helping the confused, scared young men and women who turn to us.