To those that support this great Care Center,

I learned of the Smoky Mountain Pregnancy Care Center by driving by, as it was near our home. I was in a struggling marriage which included periods of separation, discouragement and uncertainty. As you know, pregnancy brings on stresses, changes and hormone “challenges” even in ideal circumstances, so being able to talk with these wise, skilled women was very important, and often critical, for me.

I was never considering abortion nor adoption but I desperately needed the care and company of a female when I received the news of each pregnancy. I have 2 healthy children and have had 3 hard miscarriages. The ladies at the center helped me, at some point, in all of those pregnancies. The help that I appreciate the most was the open, sincere and proactive listening and conversation. Other help obviously included pregnancy tests, and help with finding prenatal health care and local community resources. The center was a hugh blessing and support to me in the few visits I made and helped me through some VERY tough years. Each visit also included my ability to speak of our Lord with these women. That helped me more than anything because it is not common to be able to do so in setting outside of a church or home. I also felt if I chose not to talk about my faith or religion that I would have been treated just as lovingly and well.

I hope my few thoughts encourage you all to know the efforts you are making are worthwhile and valuable. I think I am not the highest risk group of women you are reaching out to help as our circumstances go, but really and truly know and testify that the Care Center helped me in critical times which also helped my family. My marriage is much stronger in critical areas today, and I can now see the Lord’s hand in all those challenges we went through. Thank you, and may our Heavenly Father bless all of you.
My daughter Libby visited the Smoky Mountain Pregnancy Care Center frequently while we were living in Franklin. It was a place she felt accepted, and not judged. She was surrounded by women who wanted to help, nurture, and teach her. It was one of the pieces of the puzzle that God used in the process of bringing healing to Libby. In a very real way, they were the hand and feet of Jesus showing Libby that he is real and that His love for her was real!
When we moved away one of the first places we visited was the Pregnancy Center here! And we have found the same genuine concern and love - the same message for the hurting, scared young women: that Jesus came for the failing, the mess-ups and the needy. It was who He loved and who He hung out with when He lived on earth. And the good news is: He came to bring healing and hope and freedom! It is the same message we all need, and as we experience it for ourselves, we can also pass it on to others! It is the message of the Gospel - the only answer that brings life. God has the ability to use the crisis of a pregnancy, not only to bring about a new physical life, but also a new spiritual life! And it is our opportunity and privilege to be part of what God is doing!