"Home of Hope" Capital Campaign
from October 19, 2017 until January 31, 2018 (time not set)

The staff and board of SMPCC have been in fervent prayer of late for a permanent location for our Cullowhee Medical Clinic. Our present location has become ineffective along with the approching end of our lease. The above property was brought to our attention as an option. It sits conveniently close to WCU which is the hub for the clients that seek our services in the Cullowhee area. College students are among the largest population of abortion minded women. Having this medical clinic within walking distance to the campus is invaluable. We announced this campaign at our annual fundraising banquet in September, donors have stepped up to the call of this campaign in which we need to raise $300,000.00. We have signed a contract for purchase, we have donations coming in, but we have a long way to go to reach our goal. We are seeking those in the Jackson and Macon County that will support us in this campaign to aquire this property which will in turn help save the lives of the unborn. Below is a client story and it portrays the life of our SMPCC nurses in Cullowhee on a regular basis. 

She came in wanting information about abortion even though it was hard for her to say the word. Our primary goal in meeting a new client is to L I S T E N and she had lots to share. She is a single mom of two and has a 15-month-old daughter. She is proud of her ability to provide for her children but admits that it is a huge job to make a way for them alone. She says that her boyfriend will support her decision, either way, but she doesn't know if she wants to parent with him. Her first child is 10 years old and she felt like she made a mistake marrying his father because she had an abusive relationship that she attributes to "trapping him into getting married". Although their marriage lasted until just a year ago, she says he is a good father but a horrible partner. So, she is projecting that experience onto her situation now. 
Talking to someone about unexpected pregnancy means talking about what a parenting plan would look like and that involves everything from their employment, their community of support and their moral and ethical feelings. She talked a lot about her 15-month-old daughter and had a lot of compassion in her voice about that child. You could see the "mother's heart" in her eyes when she talked about being proud to be present for her daughter and being self-employed so she could spend time with her. This woman was a victim of sexual abuse for 5 years prior to her adolescence and she wants to protect her daughter at all cost. Being present to listen to that pain today made the difference in this woman's heart. 
When her daughter was born, she was initially pregnant with twins but miscarried one baby very early. Nothing in me and nothing other than the Holy Spirit could have made me ask his name. She started crying and said that she couldn't believe she never named him. Her words were "He had a soul and I never named him". That was when the reality of what she is facing today fell into place for her. She said, "I have already lost one little soul and I can't believe that I would want to give up another one." 
She saw her baby on ultrasound. God revealed the heartbeat of a 0.4cm long baby and mom saw it all on the screen with amazement. 
She left here with referral for care information and with a pledge that she would contact us before she made an abortion decision. She was relieved to know that she could come here to spend time, learn about her pregnancy and get diapers for her daughter now and her baby to come. She is familiar with people who have faced infertility and would love to have children and she agreed to come talk about adoption before she made plans for an abortion. 
So today we focused on the decision to accept this pregnancy and to take care of herself and her baby a day at time. The real message that came across was when God revealed that the son she lost had a purpose, even if that purpose was to save the baby, the soul, she is carrying today. 

This is just one of a hundred stories we could share with you. The need is great.....the result is greater.....the life of a child.
This is the Lord's ministry and we strive to show His love to each and every person that enters in.

If it is in your heart to help this dream become reality, you can donate here on our website by clicking the "How to help" tab at top of the banner.